You've reached the webhome for my basement mixed reef tank. 

Relax and enjoy.

Typical tank parameters           Target Paramters

52.9-53.3ms salinity                     53ms
7.95-8.35 pH prbe1                  8.15-.35 pH
320-355 ORP prbe2                  less than 360 orp prbe2
310-345 ORP prbe1                  less than 360 orp prbe1
77.5-80.5 temp                        77.5-80.5 temp
7-8 kh                                       7-8 kh
420-440 ca                               420 ca
1250-1350 Mg                          1300 mg
<.05ppm  po4                          <.05ppm po4
3ppm nitrate                             2-3ppm nitrate
.01ppm nitrite                           < .02ppm nitrite
0 ammonia                                undetectable ammonia
360ppm potassium                   < 400ppm potassium
4-5ppm boron                          < 10ppm boron

Water Change

Auto Water change 1.4 gallons per day
10-20gal on the first weekend of each month

System Volumes – approx.
120-130gal when QT not attached
165-175gal with QT attached

10-15gal rock displacement

105-120gal dosing volume w/o QT
150-165gal dosing volume w QT