110gal Miracles built starphire tank 48x24x21_1/2" glass
Custom internal skimmer / external overflow boxes
“Beananimal” silent overflow setup
Custom 27gal sump w/ refug
Custom 11gal acrylic undercabinet overflow tank
Custom Oak stand on castors 24x48x46tall
Custom mesh top, 1/4" clear BRS screen
MarcoRock dry rock with live seed rock from previous tank
MarcoRock mortar (BASF Emaco 400 mortar and Acryl 60)
BRS Pukani dry rock
Black Marble BB tile floor
BASF Emaco s88ci mortar and Acryl 60
Reeflo Snapper Gold return pump
Reeflo ORCA 200 skimmer w gold dart pump
Avast Marine Swabbie
Iwaki Japanese MD20RT Skimmer feed pump
Rio+ 800 under cabinet tank return pump
Avast MR10 reactor for SodaLime
Avast MR10 reactor for GFO
Eheim Jager 200W heaters
Neptune Apex, WXM, Px1000 x2, PM1, PM2, VDM, EB8, DC8
Neptune AC3, DC8
Probes, pH x4, orp x2, temp x5, conductivity
pH probe, BRS, Neptune, Cole Parmer EW-59001-70
ORP probe, Neptune, Cole Parmer EW-59001-77, BRS lab grade
Madison M8000 float switches, x8
AI SOL blue lights, qnty 4, w 48" AI rail kit
Sylvania par38 6500k refug light
EcoTech MP40ESW circ pump x2
EcoTech MP10ESW circ pump x3 feeder
BlackRockReef frag racks
Avast Reactor Custom 20" Mr10 for Kaldnes K1 moving bed filter
Kaldnes K1 media, 2 gallons
Coralife Super Luft SL-65 air pump
Red Sea 200mg/hr Ozone Generator
Coralife Luft Air pump
Avast Marine Mutiny II Ozone reactor
BRS Jumbo GAC reactor
BRS Deluxe Cuprisorb reactor
Ozotech desiccant ozone Air dryer
Gamma Vault 25lb 7.5gal ATO reservoirs, qnty 2
Rio+ 200 ATO pumps
Indicating desiccant, 15lbs
AquaUV 25W twist sterilizer
Votex D1 Diatom Filter
Up-Aqua 2 unit sump fan
Cabinet Circ Fans, 110V muffin x3, acinfinity
TLF NanoMag cleaner
TLF MagFox cleaner
AlgeaFree Piranha cleaner with Easy Blade scraper
AlgeaFree Suregrip 50&100 (custom rockwork mounts)
Algea Mower Vac
Waterbug water sensor
HoneyWell humidistat
Parmer cole dosing pumps 7543-2 qnty2 7542-6 qnty1, alk, ca, mg
Materflex pump heads 7016-20 qnty 3
Nalgene HDPE 2l & 1L dosing reservoirs
Parmer cole Autowater Change 7543-12 qnty1
Materflex pump heads 7018-21 qnty2
BRS 1.1ml dosing pump, vinegar
Custom Fish Trap - 10"lx6"x6"
100micon felt Filter socks 12"x18"-7"dia, qnty 12
Belkin UPS - Vortech
Belkin UPS - Vortech Qt
Belkin UPS - Router
Belkin UPS - Switch
Belkin UPS - Apex & AC3
Battery backup - Apex & AC3

45gal Marineland cube QT
Customer Oak stand on castors 24x30x45tall
Vortech MP40ESW QT circ pump
Glassholes QT overflow
BRS Pukani dry rock
Eheim 3581 QT feeder
Eshopps PSK100H HOB QT skimmer
NextReef MR1 reactor w/ mj1200 feedpump for K1 reactor
Aquaclear 70 HOB QT filter, sponge and BioMax
Tunze Nano 3152 ATO
JBJ ATO w/ Rio+ 1400
Coralife digital Thermometer
Custom mesh top, 1/4" clear BRS screen
Bleach unscented - gallons on hand for Sanitization
Neptune probes, pH

17.1gal Mr Aqua 24x12x14_1/2" lowiron rimless Anemone Tank
Mr Aqua foam under tank mat
Plumbed into main tank using same sump and return pump
600gph flow (aprox)
AI SOL and Gen1 AI controller
Glassholes overflow
BRS Pukani & Tonga dry rock
White Marble BB tile floor
Neptune probes, pH, temp

20gal hospital tank
10gal hospital tank for copper

Marineland 5 Hex converted for Copepod breeder
Luft pump for circulation
Sieve - 900, 560, 300, 180, and 53um

Iwaki MD70RLXT backup return pump
Reeflo Gold Snapper backup skimmer pump
Iwaki MD20RXT backup skimmer feed pump
Maxijet 800 tank detritus cleaner
Maxijet 1200 spare
Rio+ 800 spare
Rio+ 2100 spare
Danner mag 5 spare
Danner mag 7 spare
Luft pumps backup and spare
Thomas 010CA26 Air pump, high pressure spare
Redsea 50mg/hr ozone gen backup
Eheim Jager 75, 100 and 200w backup heaters
JBJ ATO w/ Rio+ 1400 - spare
Parmer cole Autowater Change 7543-6 - spare
Materflex pump heads 77201-60 qnty2 - spare
Coral Compulsion par38 20k dimmable and fixture - spare
Deep Blue 8x8x8 rimless cube - qnty2 - spare
AquaClear70 HOB for Kaldnes K1 moving bed filter - spare

API testing, alk, ca
LaMotte Alk, Ca, Ammonia(Salicylate)-3304, & Nitrate-3110 Testing
HACH DREL 2000 spectrophotometer water lab kit, po4, mg, ca, ammonia(nessler), nitrite, nitrate, iron, bromine, iodine
HACH digital titrator, alk
Salifert Mg, Boron & Potassium testing
Milwaukee Mi412 low range phosphate colorimeter
Oakton Cond 6+ Conductivity meter
Milwaukee Digital Refractometer
JBJ Cscope Refractometer
HM digital TDS meter
Apogee SQ120 Quantum Sensor used with DMM
Seachem Ammonia Alert QT and Copepod tank
Tropic Marin High Precision Floating Hydrometer
Precision Hydrometer and Thermometer - VWRLabshop
Coralife digital Thermometer - spare
HM Digital ORP cal kit
Milwaukee pH reference
HACH pH reference
Pinpoint ORP reference

Spectrapure MaxCap 180gpd RO/DI w .5uM sediment and carbon filters
Aquatech CDP8800 booster pump w auto on/off pressure switch
Brute 20gal RO water storage w high water float
Brute 32gal mixing bucket w dolly w low water float
Water Cooler bottle RO water storage, 19gals
Rio 2100 mixing pump

Reef Crystals Salt
B-Ionic 2 part & mag dosing
AirGas Sodalime
Grocery store Vinegar

Coralife Aqua Glove
TLF Julian's Thing feeder
Laguna Tongs
Reef-Roids coral food
Coral Frenzy coral food
ESV dry phytoplankton coral food
Rods Original
PhytoFeast plankton Copepod tank food
TLF Veggie-Mag feeding clip
TLF Green, Red and Purple Leaf Seaweed
OceanNutrition Prime Reef Flakes for autofeeder
OceanNutrition Formula Two Flakes for autofeeder
Julian Sprung SeaVeggies Mixed for autofeeder
Spectrum Pellets .5mm and 1mm for autofeeder
Brightwell AminOmega
Brightwell Garlic
Hikari spirulina brine shrimp
Hikari mysis shrimp
Hikari blooodworms

Interceptor: RedBugs (need more)
Salifert Flatworm Exit: Planaria
Prazipro: Praziquantel
E.M. Erythromycin: Erythromycin
Formalin MS: Formalin
Furan-2: Nitrofurazone and Furazolidone
Malachite Green: Chloride salt of malachite green
Maracyn-Two: Minocycline
Metro+: Metronidazole
Methylene Blue:
Rid-Ich+: Formalin and Malachite Green
Cupramine: copper
Kent Tech M Mg: Bryopsis
Kent Superbuffer dkH: backup
Seachem Reef coral Dip: Iodine
Prime: Ammonia remover QT
Seachem Focus: food medication binder
CupriSorb: copper/metal polymer binder
Bayer Advanced Complete Insect killer - redbugs and AEFW

DIY LED build
10 cyan exotic (495nm 60deg)
15 violet exotic (395-430nm 60deg)
12 Tri-star Lexeon rebel whites
LXML-PM01-0100 – neutral white (4100k 120deg)
LXM3-PW51– ansi white (3985K 120deg)
LXM3-PW81– ansi white (2725K 120deg)
Meanwell Dimmable PFC fixed CC drivers
lpf-16D-48 qnty 3 (whites)
lpf-16D-42 qnty 1 (cyan)
lpf-25D-54 qnty 1 (violet)
HeatsinkUSA 1.8"x17" heatsinks
Chinese made heatsinks and housings

Current Library;
Fish Disease: Diagnosis and Treatment (Sec Edtn): Noga
The Reef Aquarium: A Comprehensive Guide (Volume 1-3): Sprung
The Modern Coral Reef Aquarium (Volume 1-4): Fossa
Book of Coral Propagation (volume 1 Edtn 2): Calfo
C the Journal of Aquatic Science (Volume 1 Edtn 1-4): Calfo
C the Journal of Aquatic Science (Volume 2 Edtn 1): Calfo
Aquarium Corals : Selection, Husbandry, and Natural History: Borneman
The Conscientious Marine Aquarist (Sec Edtn): Fenner
Aquarium Fish : Mills
Captive Seawater Fishes: Science and Technology : Spotte
Seawater Aquariums: The Captive Environment : Spotte
Pocket Guide to Marine Fishes : Scott
Reef Fishes Volume 1 : Scott
Angelfishes & Butterflyfishes: Reef Fishes Series : Scott
Damselfishes & Anemonefishes (Reef Fishes) : Scott
Wrasses & Parrotfishes : Scott
Basslets, Dottybacks and Hawkfishes : Scott
Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater : Greenberg
Coral: Magazine


Olympus BHC Microscope
4x, 10x, 20x, 40x, 100x objectives
10x eyepieces
Incandescent and Tungsten Illuminators

Avast Marine port-hole DSLR adapter